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Corporate  Principles

1)  Honor the culture, the trade and the law of every nation; behave as a accountable company for the social and managerial movements.

2)  Improve the business system continuously, by managing the business process effectively, and combining the right technologies combined with handiwork, for this reason to provide the perfection of the system with the quality, the cost, and the rapidity and flexibility of the presentation and to benefit from the continuous competitive advantages.

3)  Prefer thinking and acting for long-term period to the financial concerns for short-term period; manage disciplined and consistent; be a man of his word.

4)  Create a corporate culture which gives importance to experience, continuous learning, creativity, innovativeness, teamwork, mutual respect and confidence, and manage this culture effectively.

5)  Create business-partnerships in which mutual profit, long-term growth is allowed, systematic relationship is formed, creative solutions are shared; and remain open to the new business-partnerships.

6)  Present a plan of elegant products which are not diminished in time, by using the historical creativity in the field and combining the technology and the system with the human mind and competence; and create similar kinds of trends.

7)  Bring the right people in the system by forming a basis for respect and reliance to the people and creating challenges; ensure the workers work highly motivated for the achievement of the business system; make it possible both for the workers and the systemsto develop continuously.

8)  Create appropriate business standards for each business systems, make it a lifestyle to work according to these standards, improve the existing standards, get the workers to be a part of the continuous improvement work so then make the ‘problem-solving technique’ be a part of working process; by this means put the continuous-improvement and situated-quality into practice.


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